Questions to Ask at the End of an Interview

Interviews can be stressful. You may be tempted to say thank you and leave as soon as they are over. But don’t forget that interviews are your chance to ask questions too. 

It is your opportunity to have your say and ensure the food processing job you are applying for is a good fit for your skill set. 

Be prepared to ask questions 

Asking questions shows you are interested in learning. Food manufacturing hiring managers assess your interest in the position throughout the interview process. They want to feel your enthusiasm and passion for the job. 

If you are a food scientist, staying up to date with trends and expressing your love for cuisine will set you apart from other applicants. Asking questions about a plant’s R&D funding and facilities will also help you assess if the company prioritises new product development techniques and keeps up to date with technology. 

Ask the right questions, and you will leave the interview with a better sense of the food processing job and the company/ plant culture. But ask the wrong questions, and you may have ruined your chances prematurely. 

We explore the top interview tips for the food and beverage manufacturing industry. 

Closing questions to land your desired food processing job 

The first and last impressions in an interview are the most memorable. Position yourself for success by asking questions showcasing your proficiency as a food processing technician. 

Prepare for your closing questions in advance by making a list of questions. Choose two or three questions that will set you up for success in your future job role but don’t bore the hiring manager with a list long enough to leave even Santa’s Elves in a flat panic.  

Some great open-ended questions that will land you on the “good” list: 

1. Can you elaborate on the day-to-day responsibilities of this role? 

This shows you are interested in the job positions and helps you outline the company's expectations of you. This is also a perfect opportunity to ask for a plant tour. 

Food processing jobs can be exhausting, and you could work under hot/ cold temperatures and in various conditions. Knowing the work environment, you will be working in upfront can set you up for success. 

2. What would determine an applicant's success in this role? 

This type of question regarding measuring success, your food and beverage manufacturing career trajectory or any other similarly phrased questions demonstrates your willingness to grow with the company and to achieve success in your position. 

3. Are there any skill sets you are primarily looking for in an applicant? 

This is a great sense-checking exercise to ensure the company, and you are well-positioned for success. 

They already know your qualifications and certifications from your food processing technician resume, which got you in for the interview in the first place, but here is a good time to align on the softer skills required in the spec job role. 

It also helps you end the interview on a high as you can showcase your competency in this skill set. 

What not to ask at the end of an interview 

There are some questions a food processing technician applying for a highly-skilled position should never ever ask if they want to work for a top food manufacturer in Canada. 

These questions are sure to land you on a hiring manager's “naughty” list, and the only thing arriving at your postbox will be a job rejection letter. There are many exhaustive lists of “no-go” questions on every food manufacturing manager's radar, but here are some of the worst. 

1. Can I work remotely?

This applies to any food processing technician position where you are hands-on working in a plant. Until the day factories are fully virtual in the metaverse, food processing jobs normally require you to work in the plant. 

The location is normally mentioned in the job description, and making sure your commute is manageable is on you. 

2. What does the plant produce? 

This shows you did very little research. 

Any questions where you ask what the company manufactures, what industry they are in or company culture questions that you can clearly find on their company website or the job description itself make you look ill-prepared for the job. 

And frankly, nobody will want you around expensive machinery in a plant. Before attending an interview, come prepared. Look at the company website and read up about the company online. 

3. Is the salary negotiable? 

Bringing up salary in the first interview makes it sound like you are only looking for a paycheck. Getting specific about compensation and perks can steer the interview, of course, and fail to highlight your value. 

Making a good impression is vital to land the job. The key advice is to come prepared and ask smart questions that position you for a successful food and beverage manufacturing career. 

But as Forbes points out, do a “vibe check” during the hiring process as a good candidate experience will give you a taste of what it will be like working at the plant.

If you are looking for a food processing job, let us help. QTalent will get you in front of the right food manufacturing hiring managers with job positions matching your credentials. 

Our sophisticated job search engine allows you to filter potential positions by salary, location, job title, company culture, perks, and benefits so you can guarantee the right position and company to catapult your food and beverage manufacturing career. 

Romy Zwiers


Romy Zwiers is a journalist and marketing professional with 16 years of experience working across industries with a keen focus on the beverage and food industry, having worked with companies like KFC, Nandos, Cadbury and Coca-Cola.

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