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Our Story

Food and Beverage Processing is in our DNA. Growing up around his beloved Grandfather and Father, Ed Pintwala witnessed them scale from a food processor and distributor to a multi-site, vertically integrated national supplier. This left a big impact and cultivated his natural love for the industry and the people who make it all work. Now with over 15 years of Recruiting and partnering with hundreds of Food and CPG Employers, successfully placing thousands of Professionals through CPG Executive Search with a 96% placement rate. Finding Esme Guevara was the beginning of the fulfilment of the vision called QTalent. Esme Guevara, a brand marketer who has previously worked with Tier 1 Consumer Brands and privately owned Food Processors for 11 years, making her way to the #1 & #2 ranked Product Launched in the Fortune 1000 Company’s History. With a collective experience of over 25 years, we aim to make companies powerful and successful with Quality Talent - empowering Food & Beverage employers with a Talent Discovery App, making talent discovery and acquisition easier than ever.

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Revolutionize talent search and acquisition to help companies achieve their goals, helping them discover unique and talented professionals that love where they work.

To bring back human into human resources technology.

Our Values

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People are at the center of success. Help them find work that gives them a sense of purpose, adds meaning to their life, and provides them with dignity and confidence.


Provide a candidate-centric platform that acts with integrity and creates win-win outcomes for both employers and employees.


Provide people with choices and opportunity to decide their own destiny by introducing professionals to employers they may never have crossed paths with.


Constantly push to gain knowledge of what was previously not seen or unknown.


We love what we do but allow the freedom to reward ourselves with the ability to explore all the world has to offer through freedom of schedule and location.

Meet Our Team

Ed Pintwala


Coming out of Business school, Marketing and Entrepreneurship were Ed's passions. After a year of work and adventure abroad as a Deckhand sailing the Caribbean, crossing the Atlantic to the Adriatic, in 2007, Toronto became his home again. With a background in the industry, he began recruiting for Food & Beverage Manufacturers, realizing that being an industry specialist vs. a generalist - provided added value. Helping Food facilities hire Production, Quality Assurance, Product Development, Engineering and Supply Chain leadership. Working with entrepreneurs, high-performance-driven hiring managers and executives to understand business issues, and deliver talent and solutions to meet these needs. When not recruiting, he can be found outdoors hiking, boating or exploring with his wife, two children and Ike (the family husky).

CMO Esme Guevara

Esme Guevara

CMO & Head of Product

Esme has lived in 7 different countries, on 3 continents. She’s worked in Marketing with major national brands like Fisherman’s Friend, Maple Lodge Farms, Terra Chips, and Yves Veggie Cuisine. With over 10 years of experience developing strategy for multiple brands and businesses ranging from consumer goods, media services, healthcare, aviation, FinTech, SaaS, IoT and manufacturing, her passion is building brands and making them grow. When she’s not working, she enjoys traveling, cooking and playing with her dog Zukie. Her motto is that Brand and Strategy is Everything.

Sahil Khosla

Chief Technology Officer

Sahil is a software engineer and leader with 12+ years of professional experience. Over that time, Sahil has held several technical leadership roles and contributed to the success of many projects. He has recruited and managed globally distributed teams, architected new systems, crafted implementation strategies, and revamped processes. Now, Sahil helps entrepreneurs and early-stage start-ups as a Technical Advisor, ensuring the success of their projects. He is a multipotentialite at heart. When not working, he is found practicing latte art or playing with his puppy, Wall-E.

Maria Sanchez

Customer Success

Maria has lived in 4 different countries, in Asia. She's worked as a Journalist, Customer Service agent and Consultant for various companies for several years. Her passion lies in contributing to a company's success, providing the best customer service, and streamlining processes for her clients, as well as being a point of contact for customers. When she's not working, she enjoys traveling, playing with her dog Chloe or enjoying a good book over a cup of coffee.

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