Health and Wellness Tips For Employees in the Food & Beverage Manufacturing Industry

In today’s world, it’s difficult to disconnect from work, and that makes it easy to forget to look after yourself. That's why some health and wellness tips for food & beverage manufacturing workers will make things smooth sailing for you.

When you’re healthy, you’re more productive. Good health motivates you to work, allows you to recover faster from illness, and reduces the chances of long-term ailments.

While it's easier to recognize physical health problems, mental health issues often go undetected and untreated, damaging your work productivity and career. In many cases, these mental health problems result from stress in the workplace.

To protect your well-being and bolster your occupation, take note of these important health and wellness tips for the ultimate work-life balance. 

Know When You're About to Hit Burnout

Over 35% of Canadian employees experience burnout. Burnouts increase when your role is more technical, especially in the fast-paced food & beverage manufacturing industry.

Burnout negatively impacts your physical and mental health, making it critical to spot early on. There are a few signs to look for if you think burnout is creeping up on you.

Signs Of Burnout

  • Concentrating at work is an uphill task
  • Migraines are creeping in
  • You feel like you’re doing more than your fair share
  • Disengaged from your work

The presence of burnout can come and go depending on your work-life situation. It may flare up when:

  • Management isn't offering recognition or support
  • Leadership has unrealistic deadlines and expectations
  • Your duties and responsibilities are vague
  • You've been consistently working long hours and weekends

So, when you identify these risk factors, see your boss for a heart-to-heart chat (see a physician or psychiatrist/therapist too.)

Consider catering to your health and wellness and evaluate the options available to you. Check with your manager to find out if they offer employee assistance programs or any wellness benefits you may not be privy to. 

You can also confide in your friends and family, hit the gym, do some yoga, or give meditation a try. Honestly, the list is endless here, so find your mode of relaxation!

Have you considered asking for a day off to get adequate rest?

Asking For a Day of Adequate Rest

There are certain cues you can use to identify when you need to take some time off, e.g., irritability at work, lack of sufficient sleep, and high-stress levels.

Time off work can ramp up your mood, reduce burnout, and boost your focus. About 81% of employers believe time off work reduces burnout, and 78% believe it enhances focus. More research shows that 93% of employees are more productive after a vacation.

But first, confirm your company's paid and unpaid time off policies by taking a look in your employee handbook. For good measure, try to give advance notice, especially during the summer and holiday season when the food and beverage industry is booming.

If you're able, be up to date with your workload; it helps if a coworker has to step in for you.

Be reasonable and professional about it by keeping your team in mind. Make sure the schedules line up, and don't be that person who calls their boss when they're on vacation to ask for time off.

Also, are you thinking about your boundaries and how setting them can help you in avoiding burnout? We have a few ideas about that.

Set healthy boundaries at work

Are you available on Slack around the clock to solve any arising work problems? 

Will you accept extra work every time you’re asked, including what’s outside your job description? 

Do you check your work emails beyond your 9-5 limit?

If any of these apply to you, then my friend, you don't have healthy work boundaries. Working as technical personnel in the food and beverage industry means there will always be issues to solve. If you aren't careful, you won't have a work-life balance, and a toxic work environment will ensue.

If you're a “YES” man or woman, setting boundaries might be as painful as sticking a fork in your eye. But do you know what's worse? 

Breaking down because you're trying to please everyone.

Set boundaries as soon as possible to lift the burden:

  • Avoid attending after-7:00 p.m. work events
  • Don't agree to work on the weekends (if plausible)
  • Take your vacation days, mental health days, and sick leave
  • Stick to your working hours
  • Avoid workplace gossip

It doesn't help to have boundaries no one is aware of, so communicate them to your team that you don't respond to work emails after hours and any other boundary you've set.

And while you may enjoy having the water cooler chatter with your work BFF or work wife/husband, it helps to stay professional and try to limit conversations to work-related topics. 

Don't forget to leverage the power of technology to help you create a more balanced work-life structure. Put up your 'Away' message on work communication platforms when you need deep focus or a moment away. 

Your colleagues will understand when you don't respond to their messages, and you can reply as soon as you’re back.

No one likes a snob. Thank me later!

An Employee is as Healthy as the Culture of Their Workplace

There are many reasons employees change jobs, but burnout is more prominent in recent times. That said, do proper research about your new company before you change employers. 

Find a food processing company with a healthy workplace culture!

Check reviews on Glassdoor to ensure your new boss has a healthy workplace culture and ascertain your work-life balance.

And for a proper job hunt, the QTalent platform will give you access to all jobs in the food & beverage manufacturing industry. Work for a company that cares about your health and wellness as much as its bottom line.

Brittany Brooks


Brittany Brooks has worked in Human Resources as an HR specialist and manager for 10 years. After that time, she decided to use her powers for the good of the workplace. She uses her first-hand experiences in her writing to give employees and business owners an honest look into what’s happening at work.

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