Food Processing 2024: What’s To Come

Food and beverage manufacturing experienced quite a bit of turbulence over the last year. From food recalls to changing consumer preferences and the urge for sustainability, the industry is looking for ways to have a transformative 2024.

Consumers and technology are the key elements to the changes we’re about to see. Most of the trends coming up have been brewing behind the scenes for a while, and this is the year where these key drivers will take a front seat.

We listed Canada’s top 3 food manufacturing trends you’re most likely to see as we move through 2024. 

Let’s dive in!

2024 Food Manufacturing Trends

1. Putting Data To Better Use

Advancements in technology have changed how we interact with the world around us, and it has proven beneficial. What’s better than the technology itself?

The data that comes with it.

Taking advantage of the data collected empowers manufacturers to accurately anticipate shelf inventory and consumer demand fluctuations. In doing so, food manufacturers have the opportunity to improve product availability, minimize food waste, and reduce food spoilage.

Food processing companies won’t rely on in-house data alone. They’ll also use historical data, weather, demographics, and other metrics to gain a better view of the picture.

Putting data to better use will positively impact the food industry chain from farm to table. Manufacturers, distributors, and retail stores can share the data to manage inventory efficiently and ensure that in-demand items are always in stock.

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2. Sustainability On Many Fronts

Consumers are starting to drive the car toward more sustainability and aren’t letting off the gas anytime soon. To show their seriousness, 68% of consumers reported actively looking for foods produced environmentally and sustainably.

Consumers also want to increase the use of sustainable packaging (60% of consumers). The rise in food waste isn’t too far behind either, especially with 20% of Canada’s food waste occurring at the manufacturing level and 47% of food waste being produced at home.

Canadians are becoming more aware of this, and they’re adjusting their shopping habits to purchase food products with sustainable packaging more often. 

The remedy to the solution is expected to be rendered by food manufacturers, companies, and brands, according to 43% of consumers. Unfortunately, more than half of Canadians (57% of consumers) believe most companies aren’t living up to their sustainability claims.

With consumers putting pressure on manufacturers, we’ll see more processing plants aiming to achieve a more sustainable food production chain.

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3. Healthy, Yet Tasty

Surprisingly, 58% of Canadians report that they at least try to eat healthy, while 76% reported eating healthy all or some of the time. Numbers that high explain why the foods most in demand provide health benefits, nourish the body from the inside, and don’t hold back on flavor.

Consumers have been incorporating tastes from different regions and cultures into their meals to satiate the need for supreme taste.

Flavors Being Explored:

  • Tonkatsu
  • Korean BBQ
  • Thai Red Curry
  • Indian Masala
  • Tandoori Seasonings
  • Adobo Sauces
  • Nashville Hot Sauce
  • And many more!

Canadians are also gravitating toward the nostalgia of comfort foods and the simple flavors they provide. They’re seeking ways to simplify and speed up the process of cooking their favorite comfort meals. We’re likely to see food processors producing food products that cater to this narrative.

Healthy, fast, and delicious!

What Does This Mean For You?

As these trends filter in, companies will be looking for employees to help them make this all possible.

Food manufacturing employers will need:

  1. Employees who are proficient in collecting and analyzing data. 
  • Related Positions: Data Scientists, Machine Learning Operations Engineers (MLOPs Engineers), Data Architects

         We’re likely to see new jobs stemming from this area as technology continues to advance.

  1. Packaging Employees. 
  • Related Positions: Packaging Development Specialists, Packaging Operators, Production Technicians

          If you have sustainable packaging experience or expertise, this will be most beneficial for you. 

  1. Research Development Professionals.
  • Related Positions: Food Scientists, R&D Chemists, Research Associates, Process Specialists, R&D Managers

          R&D workers will be needed to manage the development of new products, research consumer markets, and develop new product concepts.

It’s an excellent time for job seekers to become an integral part of the industry as it goes through what could be… a pivotal year.

We’re going to witness significant changes in the world of work, and the food manufacturing industry won’t be any different. 2024 will be one of many stepping stones we take to get there.

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Brittany Brooks


Brittany Brooks has worked in Human Resources as an HR specialist and manager for 10 years. After that time, she decided to use her powers for the good of the workplace. She uses her first-hand experiences in her writing to give employees and business owners an honest look into what’s happening at work.

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