Food & Beverage Manufacturing: A Solid Career Choice

In a competitive labour market, the odds may look stacked against you in your food processing job search. As Canadian employers continue to take a step back from investment hiring, the job market will become even more fierce.

Combined with the other elements transforming the employment landscape: 

What’s Changing Canada’s Employment Landscape?

  1. Canada’s population expanding by 1.05 million people in 2022 due to immigration, with the majority of them looking to stay.

  1. Talks of a possible recession causing employers to stick with the employees they have and be more mindful when they do hire.

Finding an available position in food manufacturing can seem like a daunting task. So, where does that leave food and beverage manufacturing professionals seeking jobs in Canada?

Don’t let discouragement take hold; you’re in an excellent spot for growth and advancement. Food manufacturing is a solid career choice in these uncertain times. 

Stay with us while we discuss how this is possible and how you can take advantage of the opportunity.

What Makes Food Manufacturing A Solid Career Choice?

Recession Proof

No matter what, people have to consume sustenance in order to live, but that’s not the point that’ll drive this home. Canada’s food manufacturing industry exports to roughly 200 different countries, making it the fifth-largest exporter of agri-food.

Such an immense scale of exportation requires a consistent source of skilled labour, whether the economy is bad or not. The food manufacturing industry employs over 2.3 million people on its own. That means for every nine jobs, at least one is in food processing.

To top it all off, the industry’s resilience is empowered to bounce back quickly after economic downturns.


Continuous Industry Growth

Canada’s food processing industry continues to grow despite its bout with inflation. Food manufacturing reigned in a total of $141.6 billion (CAD) in 2022, signifying a steady growth in sales. 

The focus isn’t solely on financial growth. The food manufacturing industry is also expanding its dairy, alternative protein, cannabis, and medical food production sectors.

A growing industry indicates there’s plenty of room to start or further your food processing career.

Labour Shortage Battle Rages On

The food and beverage manufacturing industry was already combatting labour shortages before the pandemic, and the challenges haven’t stopped yet. Numerous companies across the industry report having job vacancies of 20% or higher. A prime element exacerbating the issue is the lack of skilled and certified professionals. 

Labor shortages ensure food manufacturing employers are always on a constant lookout for qualified workers. If you have the experience, expertise, and credentials, landing a job in the industry is attainable.

Fewer Chances Of Career Stagnation

Let’s face it: sometimes we get bored doing the same old thing every day, especially if it’s not something we love doing. The best part about working in food manufacturing is that you don’t necessarily have to stay in the position or department you started in.

If you’re a production line worker, you can level up your skills and move on to quality assurance, work in logistics, or a position that matches your certifications. You can also move from meat production to alternative protein or from dairy to beverage production.

It doesn’t have to translate to those particular departments or sectors; the takeaway is that you don’t have to do the same job forever. Food and beverage manufacturing gives you an opportunity to spread your wings and be ambitious if you choose.

Food processing is a solid career choice because the need for it is cemented into our daily lives. There will never be a time when the country or the world doesn’t need food. It’s a resilient industry that continues to grow regardless of a questionable economy and the labour shortages it faces.

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Brittany Brooks


Brittany Brooks has worked in Human Resources as an HR specialist and manager for 10 years. After that time, she decided to use her powers for the good of the workplace. She uses her first-hand experiences in her writing to give employees and business owners an honest look into what’s happening at work.

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